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These endorsements are a testament to Pamela Pugh's proven leadership, commitment, and dedication to serving the people of Michigan.


Saginaw County Clerk and Former State Representative Vanessa Guerra, lauded Pamela Pugh's remarkable leadership abilities, stating, "Pamela Pugh's proven leadership and unwavering commitment to public service make her an ideal candidate for the U.S. Senate. She has a demonstrated track record of fighting for the rights and well-being of Michiganders. I have witnessed her dedication to fairness and transparency firsthand, and I am confident that she will be a strong voice for our communities in the Senate. I proudly endorse Pamela Pugh for the U.S. Senate."


Joyce J. Seals, a Trustee on the Saginaw Public School District Board of Education and Former Mayor of Saginaw, expressed her confidence in Pamela Pugh, saying, "Pamela Pugh's unwavering dedication to education and her commitment to advocating for the needs of students in our state are second to none. As a Trustee on the Saginaw Public School District Board of Education, I have witnessed her passion and drive to create a better future for our children. Her experience and expertise make her an ideal candidate for the U.S. Senate."


Bishop-Designee Hurley J. Coleman Jr., Senior Pastor at World Outreach Campus, added his voice to the growing support for Pamela Pugh,saying, "Pamela Pugh's dedication to serving others and her unwavering commitment to justice and equality are truly inspiring. As a leader in our community, I have witnessed firsthand her tireless efforts to uplift marginalized voices and bring about positive change. Her compassion, integrity, and deep understanding of the issues facing our state make her an exceptional candidate for the U.S. Senate. Her representation has been consistent in every level of service that I’ve seen. I proudly endorse Pamela Pugh and believe she will be an outstanding advocate for the people of Michigan."


Jeff Bulls, a community activist from Saginaw County, also voiced his endorsement, stating, "Pamela Pugh's tireless efforts in our community have made a lasting impact on the lives of many. Her ability to rally people together, her genuine concern for the welfare of our neighborhoods, and her drive to address the pressing issues we face make her an exceptional leader. Pamela Pugh is the voice we need to represent us in the U.S. Senate."


Jimmy Greene, a business leader from Saginaw County, praised Pamela Pugh, saying, "Pamela Pugh possesses the unique combination of business acumen, community involvement, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by local enterprises. Her vision and determination to uplift our economy and create opportunities for all make her an outstanding candidate for the U.S. Senate. I wholeheartedly support Pamela Pugh's campaign."

 A complete list of endorsements can be found below:

Saginaw County Clerk and Former State Representative Vanessa Guerra

Saginaw County Commissioner Lisa Coney

Saginaw County Commissioner Gerald Little

Saginaw County Commissioner Michael Webster

Mayor Pro-Tem Annie Boensch, Saginaw City Council

Councilman Michael D. Balls, Saginaw City Council

Councilman George M. Copeland Jr., Saginaw City Council

Councilman Michael R. Flores, Saginaw City Council

Councilwoman Priscilla Garcia, Saginaw City Council

Councilwoman Monique Lamar-Silvia, Saginaw City Council

Councilman Bill Ostash, Saginaw City Council

President Charles Coleman, Saginaw Board of Education

Vice President Janet Nash, Saginaw Board of Education

Trustee Joyce J. Seals, Saginaw Board of Education / Former Mayor of Saginaw 

Chair Marcia Thomas, Delta College Board of Trustees

Arshen Baldwin, Delta College Board of Trustees

Alex Clark III, Delta College Board of Trustees

Rev. Larry Camel

Bishop-Designee Hurley J. Coleman, Jr. 

Rev. Craig Tatum

Rev. Roy Manning

Pastor Taraus Simpson, Sr. 

Co-Pastor Darlene Simpson

Rev. Marvin T. Smith

Pastor Elvin Owen

Rev. Christopher Pryor

Monica Reyes, Community Leader

Bobby Deleon, Community Leader

Former State Representative Carl Williams

Former Mayor Gary Loster, City of Saginaw

Former Mayor Wilmer Jones-Ham, City of Saginaw 

Trustee Brandell Adams, Bridgeport Township

Trustee Craig Douglas, Carrollton Township 

Jeff Bulls, Community Activist

Nyesha Clark-Young, Community Activist

Terry Pruitt, Saginaw NAACP, Leader

Jimmy Greene, Business Leader

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