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As a scientist, community leader, and statewide education advocate, Pamela Pugh has dedicated her life to improving the lives and livelihoods of everyday Michiganders.

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Dr. Pamela Pugh has over 25 years of leadership experience with a proven record of securing results for our communities. From being appointed as the Chief Health Advisor in response to the Flint Water Crisis to championing equitable and adequate funding for our public school system as President of the Michigan State Board of Education, Dr. Pugh has been taking charge on the issues that are most important to everyday Michiganders.

Pamela has been building relationships in Michigan's 8th congressional district for 52 years. She was born in Newton, Mississippi, but at the age of one year old, her family moved to Carrollton, Michigan in the Great Lakes Bay region. Her family moved to the City of Saginaw when she was 15 years old where she attended Saginaw High School. After a short stint away graduating from Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Pamela returned to Michigan to continue her pursuit of knowledge earning both a Doctor of Public Health and a Master of Science from the University of Michigan.

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Pamela has distinguished herself by forging effective partnerships with community organizations, faith-based groups, academia, policymakers, and government at the local, state and federal levels. Through these collaborations, she secured millions in funding to tackle critical environmental health and health equity issues. Notably, Pamela played a pivotal role in the fight against childhood lead poisoning in Michigan, successfully reducing elevated blood lead levels in Saginaw children. She stood alongside the residents of Flint during one of the worst man-made water crises in recent history after being appointed as the Chief Public Health Advisor in response to the Flint Water Crisis. Elected as a member of the Michigan State Board of Education, she stood alongside Detroit schoolchildren in the Right to Literacy Lawsuit urging the state to guarantee students’ fundamental right to an education with access to teachers, books, and schools that are not crumbling. She continues her work of environmental justice and education advocacy across the Mid-Michigan region collaborating with an assortment of organizations and agencies. ​

Dr. Pamela Pugh’s outstanding contributions have garnered national recognition including two Dr. Montague Cobb Awards from the NAACP.


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Now, Dr. Pamela Pugh seeks to represent the great people of Mid-Michigan in the United States House of Representatives. As our U.S. Congressperson, Dr. Pugh will continue her lifelong mission of bringing people together to confront our most pressing challenges. From safeguarding a woman’s right to choose to advocating for genuine economic security for Michigan’s workers, and from combating the climate crisis to ensuring every child’s access to a quality education, Dr. Pugh possesses the expertise and experience to effect meaningful change in Washington, D.C.


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