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Protecting Reproductive Rights

Pamela is dedicated to safeguarding and advancing reproductive rights, recognizing that every individual should have the freedom to make personal decisions about their own bodies and reproductive health. Pam knows access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and family planning services is fundamental to ensuring autonomy, gender equality, and the well-being of all individuals. 


Restoring Roe v. Wade and Access to Safe Abortion

Pamela believes that abortions should be safe, legal, and financially attainable. She’ll work to codify access to reproductive freedoms that an unelected Supreme Court struck down by passing a national law mandating coverage for abortion care. 


Expanding Access to Affordable Reproductive Healthcare

Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare is essential for the overall well-being of people and their families. Pam will fund programs that provide affordable contraception, preventive care, and family planning services, including supporting funding for resources like Planned Parenthood. This includes supporting and expanding funding for organizations that provide essential reproductive healthcare, particularly for underserved communities.


Supporting Research and Innovation

Pamela recognizes the importance of ongoing research and innovation in the field of reproductive and maternal health. She’ll support funding for research on reproductive healthcare, including advancements in contraceptive options, child-maternal health, and treatment for reproductive health conditions. 


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