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Economic Dignity for All

Pamela Pugh is dedicated to building a strong and inclusive economy that provides the ability for workers to earn an income to sustain a family here in Mid-Michigan. By investing in America and prioritizing the following key areas, she aims to create an economy that works for everyone, regardless of race, zip code, or educational attainment:

Family-Sustaining Wages

Pam recognizes that a fair and sustaining wage is essential for individuals and families to thrive. She is committed to crafting policies that ensure every workers’ wage covers their basic needs, including housing, healthcare, education, and a secure retirement. Pamela will continue to support efforts to increase the minimum wage and promote fair compensation practices that narrow income inequality gaps.

Job Creation and Workforce Development

In Congress, Pam will support policies that allow small businesses and big businesses alike to hire more Michigan workers and pay them higher salaries. One important aspect to ensuring we have workers prepared for 21st century jobs is to support initiatives that provide affordable and equitable access to job training and development, including vocational and apprenticeship programs. 

Supporting Workers and Protecting Labor Rights

For too long, Congress has abdicated their responsibility to protect workers health and future. As a former union member, I will be a vocal supporter of workers' right to collectively bargain, standing up to corporate greed and ensuring workplaces are healthy and safe. I will also ensure that workers have what they need to succeed. That means affordable childcare to enter the workforce and expanding the Child Care Tax Credit so more workers can participate in our growing economy. 


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