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Building Safe and Vibrant Communities

In the face of escalating gun violence and tragic mass shootings, Pamela is firmly committed to taking decisive action to protect our communities and save lives. As a federal official, she’ll work hand-in-hand with local leaders to support community investments that will curb gun violence, enhance public safety, and create a society where everyone can live without fear.

Protecting Community Safety 

The safety and security of people must be a top priority. That means improving de-escalation protocols and practices and incentivizing the use of non-lethal solutions. Pam will prioritize investment in mental health and survivor benefits for first responders.

Banning Assault Weapons and Ghost Guns

Assault weapons have been repeatedly used in some of the deadliest mass shootings in our country's history, resulting in countless lives lost and families devastated. That’s why we must remove weapons of war from our streets and ban untraceable guns. Pam will support a full and permanent ban on assault weapons that have no place in the hands of civilians, while ensuring that second amendment rights to protect one’s family remain unimpaired. 

Investing in Prevention: Mental Health and Community Support

Gun violence is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors, and access to assault weapons is just one piece of the puzzle. As a former city official, Pam knows the negative impact of disinvestment in our local communities and that investing in mental health services and community support systems to address the root causes of violence and provide assistance to those in need can have a profound effect in lowering violence levels and increasing beneficial outcomes.


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